Main industry we deal with is OEM/ODM video door phone, home automation systems and video surveillance products manufacture. Our second division deals with import and export between Asia and World. Our team has over 50 design engineers from many branches with years of experience in designing new products. We are focused on research, development and innovation for new products. We also keep going forward by implementing new key features that may make yours and your customer's life easier and more comfortable. We also do our best to make your offer unique. Our research team will help you to become number one on your local market. Key functions and attractive appearance to meet kinds of requests from the customer is the thing that we fully understand. We will help to obtain full certification such as CE(EMC, LVD), RED, FCC, REACH, ROHS and others for your new product if there will be such a need. All products are manufactured by strict quality control.


The company is constantly evolving and growing. 11 years of professional experience and high level knowledge speaks for itself. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to deliver solution which meets any demand. We know Asian market very well. We also understand abroad approach to the business, to the product and to the customer.

your desire is our inspiration




Years of Experience




We believe that before management approach can be effective, it must be consistent. This how we communicate with our team or customers can dictate our mutual success.  That is why we are focused on clarity, accuracy and thoroughness in communication. Our daily basis is to set the goal of working as a team. We never go with 'one-size-fits-all.' The point of cooperation for us is to remain the issues as transparent as possible. We always try to encourage our team to share all opinions and ideas. More than anythig else we listen our clients and ask many questions.


Our advantage is the experience. We know how to choose a proper partner. Our team will assist you during production process, quality control, transportation and customs services as well. We will reduce production costs and avoid those which are unnecessary. Good strategy is crucial for any part of such a complex process like import or export.  We predict risks and we are  able to find weak points on specific products or solutions. Preventing losses is much wiser than bearing them. With us you will save time. We are and always open to new ideas. No frames, only sky is the limit. We are widely opened on any idea of cooperation.

We guarantee a team that understands the strengths and weaknesses of the project and is focused on your target. It is our goal. Working with our qualified staff will get you to your business destination quickly and without any unnecessary risk. An experienced team, is what you need if you want your ideas to see the daylight. We always remember how every single step in business is important and mistakes rarely can be taken back. Our responsibility is to lead you to the proper place without wasting your time.