Import or export services

Depending on client's needs, we can carry out a full service, or

designated steps of the transaction.

Comprehensive services

Based on the agency model, we take off your hands the duty

to follow each step of the import. As a part of the comprehensive

services we verify the credibility of the manufacturer, we control

production, organize transport and customs clearance, we deliver

the goods to the agreed place of receipt. We choose solutions, that

assure maximum saving time, reduce risk and minimize costs.


Business trips to Asia

If you want to personally get involved in the import process - see the factory where the product will be made, to meet with the manufacturer and take part in determining the details of the order, we will arrange the trip and a meeting. Our offer also includes participation in trade fairs, it is a unique opportunity to establish business contacts and select the most valuable from dozens of them.

Audits and inspections

Geographical distance, differences in business culture, language barriers, lack of experience and lack of knowledge of regulatory requirements are just some of the risk factors associated with the international exchange of goods. We are able to verify the quality of products and suppliers in as many as 15 countries in Asia.

Transportation of goods

International exchange of goods is based on four ways of transport - sea, air, rail and road. The optimal choice is influenced by time, cost, size and weight of the cargo. We arrange shipment of goods from anywhere in the world.
We will also take care of customs clearance. We cooperate with many customs agencies to ensure the smooth and professional clearance of the goods.

Assurance of the formal requirements

Depending on the industry and the country of origin, the goods introduced to the EU market must meet strict criteria to be allowed permission.

Specific requirements apply to any countries, which have not signed free trade agreement with the EU. These include China, and so it is associated with additional measures to enable free movement of the imported goods. Regardless of the industry and country of origin, we help to complete all the necessary documents.